Weight Lifting Bench

Weight Lifting Bench

A weight lifting bench is a fitness training equipment that has a resemblance to a normal bench, but is designed for use in weight training. Weight lifting benches come in various designs like the fixed horizontal, fixed inclined, fixed in a folded position, with one adjustable portion, with two or more adjustable portions, with racks to hold bars and several other types. Depending on the extent of usage and the complexity of the tasks required there are flat weight benches, adjustable benches, benches that offer an extension for leg curls and other attachments too. Other common attachments include the butterfly type and the preacher curl type too.

Weight lifting bench is used extensively in weight training, bodybuilding, and other types of fitness training. The weight lifting bench is one of the most widely used gym equipment and forms a part of the workout routine is known as bench press. It is the exercise that develops the chest muscles by toning the muscles around the chest and giving it that perfect shape. The weight lifting bench finds its requirement while performing light bench presses and while doing work outs with dumbbells and several other exercises.

Basically, there are four types of weight benches. The first type is called the Flat Bench. It is used for spine exercises in general. Most flat benches are adjustable, in order to support seat-exercises. The second type of weight bench is called the Preacher curl bench, which is basically designed for working the biceps and arms. They usually come with angled pads to support the elbows during biceps curls. Abdominal weight bench is the third type of weight bench that can be used from a flat, inclined or declined position. They were basically designed for abdominal exercises, but can also be used for inclined and declined leg and upper body workouts too. Finally the last type of weight benches is the Olympic weight bench which is a little wider than the other types, and is provided with extra padding. It is designed with the sole purpose to support advanced body building workouts.

A classic weight lifting bench design is quite simple and flat in appearance. This bench is used to perform normal chest workouts and several dumbbell exercises. Non-adjustable weight lifting benches may either be flat or in an inclined or declined position. This type of bench is commonly used for barbell chest exercises, which include bench presses, inclined presses and declined presses. Flat benches are the most basic style of benches available. They are commonly used for standard bench presses and flat dumbbell chest presses

The Olympic weight lifting bench is one of the most widely used gym pieces in a fitness equipment set. It is primarily used as a source of help to gym goers who perform bench presses which we know is an exercise that develops the chest muscles. A bench press is one of the three lifts contested in power lifting competitions. And in fact athletes specialize in competing in bench presses more when compared to any of the other kind of exercises. Olympic benches are basically designed for usage at health clubs and serve as a source for heavier lifting as they are made to support larger amounts of weight.

There are also the Adjustable weightlifting benches that can be used at gymnasiums and homes. This type of bench offers various varieties of seated positions from flat to an upright seated position too! The adjustable weight lifting bench also has various settings for inclined and declined positioning. Adjustable benches may also be provided with wheels at one end, making it easier to move throughout the gym from one place to another. There are also other types of adjustable benches that offer attachment options using which you can attach a preacher bench or even a leg extension or else a leg curl attachment too!

The preacher curl bench is used for isolation training of the biceps. The sole purpose is to allow the users to sit up right with their arms hanging over the padded bench and to perform the biceps curl with a barbell or a dumbbell. The seat of the bench is readily adjustable to accommodate various heights based on the user’s physique. This characteristic feature is what makes this fitness equipment stand out from the rest as it’s easily adaptable based on the user or the one practicing. Not all equipments come loaded with this facility! Hence it is always recommended that a person who is willing to set up his own personalized gym at home or work place is expected to check every single equipment with respect to his body physique and get it customized accordingly; else its certainly going to make you lose a lot of hard earned cash which you would certainly not appreciate!

Weight lifting benches certainly is one essential tool that every person going to the gym should have, owing to the number of exercises and benefits it favors! It’s a good thing to have a weight lifting bench installed at a home gym in case you are planning to set up one! Bench presses and several other weight lifting exercises are done using a bench press. However it has a limitation where a companion is required to assist the user while performing the wide range of exercises! The best place where machines out do the traditional weight lifting methods is that they allow you to stay more focused and concentrate on toning up your body to its best, and getting your body to adjust accordingly. But that doesn’t bring down the importance of traditional dumbbells and other weightlifting exercises. Dumbbells, as we know are quite inexpensive, they are easy to the pocket, and helps one in shaping up and building his muscles if done perfectly, especially by using additional equipments such as the weight lifting benches etc which in turn enhance the means of exercising and shaping up ones muscles according to one’s willingness! Hence all it takes is, rigorous training, and a disciplined workout that would determine one’s body shape and not only the kind of equipment used! So why wait? Start working out!